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My name is Rachel van Schagen! I was born in a small town in Canada, but grew up in Raleigh. I enjoy spending time with my family, we love going to the beach and watching hockey games together. I have a 5 year old lab mix named Maggie who I rescued 3 years ago. I love spending time with her when I am at home, whether it is playing at the park or having her lay in my lap while we watch movies. I am a huge college football fan (Go Pirates!) and also love hockey.


I graduated from East Carolina University in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I started my career teaching 3rd grade, then moved to Raleigh in 2017 where I started teaching 4th grade.  Although I enjoy working with all my learners, I specifically enjoyed working with my gifted students so much so that I decided to go back to school and add on a teaching license for Gifted Education.


I believe all students should have access to a curriculum that meets all of their needs and helps them grow as a learner. I enjoy making learning fun, while making connections to the real world and technology. I also enjoy learning from my students; their culture, how they learn, and what they do outside of school, so I can make connections and build relationships within our classroom. I can't wait to learn about each students interests and have a wonderful school year! 

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